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Kissing Thoughts

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Kissing Thoughts

If eyes tell the sectrets of a person, then lips are the informers of our consciousness. Our lips respond to happy thoughts by smiling, they express our deepest emotions with words of love and hope ,and kissing is the only way to say something that words can't.
You can take a look on the following tips to make your kissing a fabulous experience.

During kissing, just gently press your lips against hers. You can move your lips a bit back and forth against hers or in a small circular motion at your will. When you meet her lips at slight angle, it is the best type of kiss. This gives more opportunities to explore, it feels nicer, and will give you a chance to French kiss if you wish.

Keep your eyes closed once you are into the kiss. You might want to keep them open until you have actual lip contact. But when the kiss has started, eyes closed, is the way to go. It can really help you shut out the world and focus only on the kiss. It is generally considered as guys who kiss with their eyes open are usually thinking of something else besides you. If you catch your partner kissing with eyes wide, be careful - he might not be good material.

You might want to follow movie stars but there are some movie stars who perpetuate bad kissing styles. Take Tom Cruise Method (as seen in Top Gun), for example, whereby his tongue is already slithering out before he's met her lips. It is referred to as the Lizard-King Style. Most women do not like the idea of kissing a large snake, which is what this must be similar to. The only response possible is for the woman to open her mouth wide and remain motionless while he finishes his routing, a posture that calls to mind trips to the dentist.

About opening your eyes, there is one more view. Some people find to keep open their eyes open to be an impossible task (like sneezing with your eyes open), but while the customary belief is that we must try to block out all other sensations, you may find that kissing with your eyes open is the very much equivalent of making love with the lights on. And if you're going to be kissing for several hours in a make-out bar, it's a good idea to take a look at economic conditions!

How to get him/her to kiss you?

Many times people find themselves nervous sending out mixed signals. You might want him or her to kiss you, but your nervous behavior might be saying "just stay away."

First of all you and your posture should be open. Sit or stand close to the person whom you want to kiss. Face him or him. Look in his or her eyes, not at the ground. Don't cross your arms or lean away; or, instead of "kiss me" you'll be saying "go away!"

Smile is also important. Here is something for women. Get close to him. Don't fear to hold his/her hands. Ask him to help you remove an earring, or undo the clasp of that gold chain you're wearing. To do that he's got to put both hands on your neck.
Now turn your head, and look in his eyes, and be quiet. Smile. If he says anything, just interrupt and whisper his name softly. He'll kiss you for sure!

Kissing and sex

There is a lot of fun in kissing. Its not like just because you are kissing a guy you have to do anything more.

On the other hand, once you're kissing passionately, you might both feel like going further.

I think best way to avoid going further is to kiss him or her in a semi-public place. Theatre is the best place according to me. If you kiss him in a movie theater or on your front porch, sex is not likely to happen right there I hope.

On the other hand, if you're sitting on your bed when your parents aren't home, there's not really anything to stop you, so it's something you might want to avoid.

The following is a list of kisses you should avoid:

You must avoid the Lizard kiss in which your tongue darts in and out of his or her mouth like a reptile probing for something.

Another kiss to avoid is one called the Roto Rooter in which your tongue ventures so far down her throat that it actually begins to choke her.

Another is when you operate your tongue much like a swordfish, and use your nose in a blunt and violent manner.

The one kiss in which you rarely come up for air.

Avoid the freezing condition in which you never change the position, posture, or angle of your head. Its really boring.

You seem to emit an awful smell and taste. All she can think of is how to slip you a breath mint.

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