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The New Scientist On Labia Minora Stretching (Gukuna) in Rwanda

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The New Scientist On Labia Minora Stretching (Gukuna) in Rwanda

The New Scientist has a short but intriguing note about Rwandan female genital modification, in particular elongation of the labia minora.
From around puberty onwards,rwandan girls start stretching the labia minora using plant extracts with antiseptic and anti-inflamatory properties, with the aim of achieving a length of about 5 cm. Social Scientists Marian Koster and Liza Price of Wageningen University in the Netherlands interviewed 11 women and 2 men in Rwanda about the practice, called "gukuna imishino"." The Rwandan women and men we interviewed were clear in their opinion that all Rwandan women are able to ejaculate, the ejaculation being different from the mere squirting of urine," Koster says. "Elongated labia are seen as crucial in this respect." The WHO considers this practice as a form of genital mutilation, but Koster and Price argue that it should be reclassified as genital modification."We believe that there are cultural practices that are not harmful to women's integrity and rights",says Koster

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